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Westford Invasive Species
The removal of many of the invasive species now found in Westford will help preserve the biodiversity, use and future welfare of our town. The Westford Invasive Species project has set a goal to eradicate mile-a-minute vine by pulling it out and disposing of it. If you can help,
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From the New England Wild Flower Society
video series on invasive plants.

Water Quality Monitoring Stream Team
Trust members and community members work together as part of the water quality monitoring group, the Westford Stream Team. Team members include Kate Hollister, Bill & Diane Duane, Ron Gemma, Rich Strazdas, Cam Santana, Valerie & Matt Wormell, Denise Brunelle. We're looking for volunteers to measure water quality. If you are interested in joining our effort, contact usMore

2014 Stream Monitoring ResultsMore

The Westford Stream Team monitors 8 major streams throughout town. See how it's done in this video.

WetlandsAs we protect our wetlands, we protect our drinking water. Rain which falls drains to wetlands and slowly percolates into the groundwater. If there were no wetlands to absorb rain, water would flow directly and swiftly into our rivers and out of Westford, depleting our drinking water aquifers. See how wetlands workMore

Global Warming Global Warming
Global warming and the resultant climate change is a complex issue. It is both a scientific and a conservation matter that affects us here in Westford. We believe that education is a critical part of the remedy. We propose twelve actions you can start taking today. What is at stake is nothing less than our planet’s future. Learn and get involved. Read our brochureMore

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Hot Topics
Westford Invasive SpeciesMore
Westford Stream TeamMore

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